About Kookoora Cavaliers

A committed and passionate partnership

Kookoora Cavaliers


Yvonne Moulds, from Flaxbush, and Christine Jones from Caristabell have been long term friends with a shared passion and commitment to breeding quality whole colour Cavaliers.  After years of collaboration on breeding programmes Christine and Yvonne came together to create KOOKOORA Cavaliers.

KOOKOORA Cavaliers was first registered with Dogs SA 5100039132 in 2014 being the combination of the Caristabell and Flaxbush prefixes.

Together, and independently, we have been involved in the dog world for many years in the fields of obedience, agility and conformation showing and breeding.

Cavaliers have been our hobby and passion for over 27 years and we are both committed to improving whole colour Cavaliers.  To this end we have imported studs from the USA and SPAIN from excellent lines and respected breeders

Commitment to

Puppy Health 

Health is very important and our aim is to breed sound, healthy beautiful dogs that are a pleasure to own.

We health test all our breeding dogs.

DNA tests for EF CC and DE are assessed by Animal Health Trust in the UK and HEART TEST annually with Heart Specialist, Dr D Woolley. None of our dogs are bred without a current heart clearance.

Eyes are tested bi- annually for all known hereditary eye diseases effecting Cavaliers.

We are happy to talk to people about our cavaliers.

Puppies are occasionally available to loving, caring homes.

Application forms open when pupplies are available.