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About Cavalier Health

Health Questions

Any breed of dog has health issues that are specific to them.  In addition all dogs can be affected by general health issues such as obesity if not managed and exercised appropriately. At KOOKOORA we take our dog health extremely seriously.  Our dogs are regularly health checked by our vet with our breeding stock being thoroughly screened for hereditary problems. DNA tests for EF CC and DE are assessed by Animal Health Trust in the UK and HEART TEST annually with Heart Specialist, Dr R Woolley. None of our dogs are bred without a current heart clearance.  

Commitment to

Puppy Health

Health is very important and our aim is to breed sound, healthy beautiful dogs that are a pleasure to own.

We health test all our breeding dogs.

We are happy to talk to people about our cavaliers.

Puppies are occasionally available to loving, caring homes.

Application forms open when pupplies are available.